Aladdin's Skunk Regular Seeds

Nous rappelons à nos clients que les graines de cannabis ne figurent pas dans le catalogue de la Communauté européenne. Il s'agit de produits destinés à la conservation génétique et à la collection, mais pas à la culture. Il est strictement interdit de les faire germer dans certains pays, à l'exception de ceux autorisés par l'Union européenne. Nous conseillons à nos clients de ne pas violer la loi de quelque manière que ce soit et nous ne sommes pas responsables de leur utilisation.

Aladdin's Skunk Regular Seeds

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Aladdin’s Skunk is derived from the original Skunk #1 strain, originally developed by Sacred Seed Co. and later by the Super Sativa Seed Club in The Netherlands. Skunk #1 has been preserved by the underground cannabis community since the late 1980s and is now offered for sale by Khalifa Genetics. Developed in the early 1970s in California, Skunk #1 is probably the first specially-bred indoor strain and is easy to grow.

Aladdin's Skunk is an in-bred line (IBL) that possesses both genetic and sex stability as well as uniformity although the height of plants can differ. It is 75% sativa being 25% Thai, 50% South American and 25% Afghani. Outdoors it can be grown in temperate and hot climates while it is renowned as an indoor strain too. Growers can expect medium-sized yields in a 9 week flowering period while outdoors northern hemisphere harvests are ready by the end of September.

Buds are dense and filled with orange pistils; the high calyx to leaf ratio makes for easy manicuring. Its scent is sweet, floral and rather fruity with pineapple notes. It has a strong effect, euphoric and uplifting at first before becoming more relaxing.

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Afghani (25%) x Thai (25%) x South American (50%)
Mostly Sativa
Flowering time
63 days
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